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Minneapolis Retired Teachers

Minneapolis Retired Teachers, Inc. (MRTI)
            MRTI is an organization that meets monthly for lunch and an educational or entertaining program at the Eagles Club (25th St. at E 25th Ave, 2507 E 25th St., Minneapolis) MRTI members also go on a spring outing to events such as a theater production or a boat ride together.
            Although MRTI serves an important social function, it is more than that.  With resources that have grown through the years, it makes grants to active teachers in the classroom.  MRTI makes a memorial contribution honoring our deceased colleagues to ACHIEVE Minneapolis.  Additional contributions are made to a select number of organizations with missions related to the well-being of children in Minneapolis.  It also offers scholarships to teachers and Mpls Public School employees who seek additional training to enhance their careers. 
MRTI facilitates the Limited Medical Assistance Fund to compensate for many medical expenses not covered by insurance or Medicare, and it offers seminars on Medicare supplemental health insurance.  A Board of Directors manages the organization and meets monthly prior to the general membership meeting.  Annual Dues for MRTI membership are $20.00.  The organization produces a newsletter (After School) and a directory of members.
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Committee of Thirteen
The Committee of Thirteen (C of 13) is the registered lobbying arm of Minneapolis teachers.  It represents the interests of active and retired teachers and administrators in the district.   The C of 13 lobbies and contributes to legislators with the specific purpose of protecting teacher pensions.  With attacks on public employees and pressure to cut benefits, the work of this committee is vitally important to every active and retired teacher. 
The work of the Committee is entirely dependent on contributions from active and retired teachers and administrators.  The C of 13 is made up of members appointed by Local 59, MRTI, and the Principals’ Forum. 
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RTC 59
Like the C of 13, RTC 59 (Retired Teachers Committee, Local 59) is focused on legislative issues.  Unlike the C of 13, RTC 59 in not a registered lobbying group.  It exists to inform retired teachers about legislative issues.  RTC 59 meets monthly for a $5.00 soup and salad lunch and hears presentations from legislators and pension officials.  It is effective in providing information to teachers as well as in bringing legislators face-to-face with retired teachers, putting a human face on pension issues. 

Welcome to the community of Minneapolis retired teachers.  As you move from the classroom to new endeavors and schedules, we hope that you will remain connected with others who have shared the career of teaching with you by joining and participating in these opportunities.

To help clarify the organizations that serve the interests of retired Minneapolis teachers, we are outlining their functions below.