MRTI makes a contribution as a memorial for 
each deceased teacher to ACHIEVE! Minneapolis.


If someone has been missed from our annual listing, 
please contact us with that information. 

Renza H. Anderson 4/6/2017
Yavonne M. Beseler 1/28/2017
Sidney Buchanan 3/22/2017
Donald L Burton 4/24/2017
Patricia A. Carey 6/15/2017
Subhra Chowdhury 12/19/2016
Richard Cornwell 5/19/2017
Myrrhene Crawford 2/18/2017
Addell L. Dahlen 6/2/2017
Miriam E. Droege 5/19/2017
Reva J. Haining 12/25/2012
James Hamilton 12/31/2016
Dolores v. Hanson 12/29/2016
Phebe Hanson 12/16/2016
Mary T. Healy 6/4/2017
Mable Hokanson 2/12/2017
Charlene R. Jensen 3/4/2017
Barbara J. Johnson 6/11/2017
Elaine M. Johnson 5/29/2017
Richard C. Johnson 2/2/2017
Michael P. Joseph 1/8/2017
Evelyn I. Kriesel 9/21/2016
Bill Kuross 1/31/2017
Lucille F. Miller 3/3/2017
Kathleen M. Moberg 12/13/2016
Margaret E. Nerheim 3/6/2015
Patricia A; Parsons 11/252/2014
Eleanore P. Popkin Passon 3/13/2014
Patricia Powers 5/29/2017
Marlyne K. Quiel 1/20/2017
Marilyn M. Quist 12/26/2016
Sara Ann Sexton 6/8/2017
Helen M. Smith 3/14/2017
Jean L. Stancari 4/11/2016
Elizabeth "Betty" Telke 2/23/2017
Margaret R. Tuma 12/23/2016
Donald Turkington 6/18/2017
Joan M. Wein 1/7/2017
Dolores Wright 4/17/2017






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