MRTI makes a contribution as a memorial for 
each deceased teacher to ACHIEVE! Minneapolis.


If someone has been missed from our annual listing, 
please contact us with that information. 

Joyce L. Anderson 3/31/2019
Bill T. Antholz 12/10/2018
Stephen J. Bonine 1/12/2019
Leonard C. Brink Jr. 4/29/2019
Barbara M. Challman 1/17/2019
Harry C. Collin 12/21/2018
Dorothy M. Cunningham 1/10/2019
Mary M. DeVries 12/17/2018
Lewis C. Duckett 3/27/2019
Curtis V. Emery Sr 1/26/2019
Karen A. Fournier 2/19/2019
Linda A. Getz 1/3/2019
Billie William Hall 1/1/2019
Kathleen A. Haines 7/14/2019
Beryl Halldorson 6/27/2019
Patricia M. Hatlestad 6/15/2019
Gay Hallberg 5/7/2019
Angeline J. Harrington 4/27/2019
Arturo G. Herrera 6/12/2019
Margaret E. Johnson 7/24/2019
Curtis J. Kirschbaum 2/8/2019
Edward J. Krynski 5/20/2019
Phyllis Landstrom 3/16/2019
Eunice Lindberg Milbrath 7/1/2019
Roberta Mark 5/8/2019
Harold Martens 2/21/2019
Lafayette Mickel 6/1/2019
Donald E. Murtha 2/4/2019
Nancy Newville 7/5/2019
Willis H. Olson 1/24/2019
Eileen H. Oslund 7/10/2019
Olive L. Peterson 3/19/2019
Charlototte Pocrnich 2/27/2019
Dolores A. Pospesel 5/23/2019
David W. Roffers 1/16/2019
Louis C, Rudd 1/1/2019
Klara Ruf 6/1/2019
Virginia A. Russell 7/5/2019
Bruce A. Sabatke 3/3/2019
Barbara Schroeder 7/19/2019
Mary Patricia Schouweiler 12/12/2018
Beverly J. Shupe 5/7/2019
Judith DG Strohl 4/30/2019
Fred Sulzbach 1/22/2019
Jeanne C. Wendell 2/8/2019
Ida-Lorraine Wilderson 1/26/2019




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