MRTI makes a contribution as a memorial for 
each deceased teacher to ACHIEVE! Minneapolis.


If someone has been missed from our annual listing, 
please contact us with that information. 

Allen D. Anderson 12/16/2024
Lois J. Biederman 2/27/2024
Mary T. Boggie 4/24/2024
Virginia Craig 12/25/2023
Judith Del Main 5/3/2024
Elizabeth A. Dhennin 3/7/2024
Katherine L Doepke 4/20/2024
Gail L. Ellington 9/8/2023
Robert J. Fridgen 3/11/2024
Steven E. Gilbertdon 3/12/2024
Jane N. Greenberg 12/18/2023
Maurice Goldstein 2/15/2024
Michael J. Hansen 1/5/2024
Nancy Hazelton 2/1/2024
Peter T. Heryla 1/29/2024
Arthur J Indelacato 1/20/2024
Robert J. Klick 1/27/2024
Dale J. Krishef 1/26/2024
Virginia L. Larson 4/14/2024
Jack Litowsky 12/13/2023
Robert T. Lohn 1/13/2024
Ruriko Matsuyama 3/1/2024
Charles A. McConville 3/11/2024
Jeannine A. McDonald 4/14/2024
Rosemarie McGriffin 4/7/2024
Brian McKinley 2/27/2024
Robert L. Monson 1/30/2024
Jack W. Moskowitz 12/13/2023
Kevina M. Munnich 2/28/2024
Mary Beth Mutchler 3/17/2024
Joyce E. Ovick Fuhruman 4/20/2024
Mary M. Pearo 1/19/2024
Constance L. Ryan 4/24/2024
George E. Schell 12/12/2023
Alan D. Sweet 12/14/2023
Patricia Thompkins 3/31/2024
Marvin Trammel 1/27/2024
Owen Turnlund 2/14/2024
Frank H. Wood 12/18/2023
Betty Jo Zander 4/9/2024




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