Minneapolis Retired Teachers, Inc. announces its 2024 educational scholarships for persons interested in pursuing or enhancing an educational career in the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS). The scholarship seeks to encourage persons to enter educational fields in which a need for additional trained personnel exists. Past recipients who have not completed their course work are welcome to apply again.
This scholarship program is made possible through contributions by retired Minneapolis teachers. This year we can offer several scholarships up to $2500 each. This year's scholarship may be used for reimbursement/payment of expenses incurred for participation in opportunities experienced between January 1, 2024 and June 30, 2025.
Examples of people who may be eligible for a scholarship are:

  • MPS high school graduates with at  least two (2) years of post-secondary education, PURSUING A CAREER IN EDUCATION IN THE MINNEAPOLIS PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  • MPS teachers wishing to change or advance in an educational field
  • MPS employees seeking to become licensed/certified in an educational field
  • MPS teachers or employees registering for opportunities such as classes, seminars, workshops, etc. designed to improve their skills.  Funds may be used for registration, tuition, books, and/or fees . Lodging, food, and transportation costs are NOT eligible expenses for this scholarship.

Candidates for the MRTI Scholarship must submit the following to https://forms.gle/Z8N1YEaeTdZz1npv7 (You must use a gmail account to upload all parts of your application. Use a size 12 font when providing all information).
                1.   Your application form must include (no more than 2 pages):
A.-D.  Your name, personal email address, personal telephone number, and personal/home mailing      
                          address, including the unit/apt number, if applicable, and the city, state, and zip code 
                   E.   Your current assignment(s), location(s), school(s), and position(s)
                   F.    The planned program of study and the institution you are already attending or planning to attend
                   G.   Your personal goals in the educational program you have chosen
                   H.   A one-paragraph statement of financial need during your one-year scholarship eligibility which
                          expires on June 30, 2025
                   I.    A statement of how you learned about this MRTI scholarship program
                   J.    Any additional information you wish to include (optional)
               2. A resume (limited to 2 pages) of your educational and occupational experience (within the last 2 years)
               3. Candidates must include TWO (2) CURRENT letters of recommendation (DATED 2024 and SIGNED) from
                    persons such as a work supervisor, a member of a fraternal or cultural organization, a fellow worker, a teacher,
                    a counselor, or a school principal     
PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME AT THE TOP EDGE OF EACH PAGE!  Completing all of the above procedures (and submitting all sections at the same time) will ensure that your application will be considered.

Applications must be submitted online by MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2024. A notification will be sent to applicants by Wednesday, March 20, 2024. An announcement of the scholarship recipient(s) will be made in the Spring MRTI newsletter and during the April 16, 2024, monthly MRTI meeting.
Interested persons with questions may call or email any of the following MRTI Scholarship Committee members:    Sylvia Farrells (Chair) 952-888-8771 angelseyf@gmail.com; Barb Stevens 612-209-7714 purplebarb@comcast.net; Pixie Pixler 612-385-5588 phone or text
PLEASE REMEMBER: You must use a gmail account to upload all parts of your application. The link for both the application form and where to submit the form is https://forms.gle/Z8N1YEaeTdZz1npv7


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